I finished reading another Graphic Novel not too long ago. It goes by the name “STIGMATA”. If anyone has not read it you are definitely in for a ride and it is not a smooth one at the very least. This book covers a lot of different topics: religion, redemption, reincarnation, sin, good vs. evil, and above all love.

One thing I definitely enjoyed about this novel was the drawing style. It consists of intense line work which I believe illustrator Lorenzo Mattotti (http://www.mattotti.com/) captures and shows the pain of the main character through the thick and at times obscure line work. It seems the obscurity of the line work resembles the obscurity of his life. At times it seems the illustrator doesn’t know what he is doing when it comes to his drawing capabilities, - his consistency and draftsmanship - but I assure you it’s done intentionally and so effortless that the pictures are organic and simply more beautiful. I was sucked into this book right away as I pulled the first page resembling a vacuum cleaner picking up dust.. From the opening page the main character is tossed onto earth and he is fired like a cannibal into this dark world filled with wounds, humiliation, and a hunger for something new. From losing a few loved ones, to being an outcast, and finding peace through some sort of god, one is taken on a steamroller and this steam doesn’t fully evaporate until you reach the last page. I am very new to graphic novels and if all of them are even close to this novel sign me up to the nearest book club.

Another thing I really enjoyed about this book was the weird plot/story. It definitely made me feel like I was watching a movie hence the many books that have turned into films. Things seem to foreshadow events in the novel and twists seem to take you down a spiral which you’d thought would never happen. If one hasn’t experienced what the main character is going through – which I hope you haven’t - you will be given a colorless picture that resembles the aftermath of a fire - lost memories with a hopeless new beginning.

Fortunately I don’t want to give away too much information on the book. I don’t like spoilers so I won’t do it to anyone who intendeds to read the novel. Thankfully the novel is a quick read and can be read entirely within a few days at the maximum or a few hours if one reads swiftly.

The images above were chosen not because of their drawing quality but because they enhance some of the ideas within the novel very well. All images rightfully copyrighted by and belong to Lorenzo Mattotti and Claudio Piessanti which is published by Fantagraphics Books. Special thanks to Kim Thompson at Fantagraphics Books for allowing me to reproduce these images and post them on the blog. Enjoy!


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